Lavatory Drain Pipe and Valve Protection Kits for Barrier-Free Compliance -- Are They Required to be Rated

Yes, these pipe insulation kits are required to be rated. We have all seen the coverings on the pipes and valves under the sinks for barrier-free compliance; these are the materials that I’m talking about. It came to my attention recently that there are materials being installed that don’t meet the code or standard.

The insulation kits are required to meet the flamespread index and smoke-development index of Section
719.7 of the Building Subcode. The material used for the protection of exposed pipes under sinks, such as supply pipes and drain pipes, must comply with Section 719. Sections 719.1 and 719.7 clearly specify that insulation and covering materials used for pipe and tubing must have a fire-spread index of not more than 25 and a smokedevelopment index of not more than 450. The section further states that any materials used must meet the American Society for Testing and Materials E84 standard for flame-spread index or smoke-development index.


Michael E. Whalen
Code Assistance Unit

Construction Code Communicator, Volume 19, Number 2, Summer/Fall 2007 (PDF)